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Quality, Hand-made Wooden Products, Crafted with Intent

Here at Knotted Wood Designs, we aim to create handcrafted wood products that have both the entertainer, the home cook, as well as the professional chef in mind.

All of our designs are influenced by more than twenty years in the food and beverage industry. So, what does that mean for you? No “form over function” here. Our goal isn’t one or the other, it’s to accomplish both. We aim to create products that are not only functional, but stylish as well.    

Featured Works

Restaurant Essentials

We provide a way to customize the look of your restaurant to allow you to design your own inviting space and elevate your level of service.

Bill Presenter, Bill Fold

Bill Folds & Bill Presenters

From start to finish, every moment in a guest’s experience should be memorable Our Bill presenters are designed to add a modern, unique touch to the end of every meal.

Charcuterie Boards

With the aim of bringing family and friends together through food, there was no doubt that we would have to master the craft of designing and making charcuterie boards . Each board is sealed with a blend of mineral oil and beeswax – a finish that helps keep the wood happy, is food safe. Plus, we offer customization ensuring that your boards match your restaurant brand.

Menu Boards & Cocktail Menu Holders

Instantly add value through a hand-crafted, noteworthy menu board. We specialize in creating personalized ways to best present your restaurant’s menu.

Steak Boards & Custom Butcher Blocks

These handcrafted boards are a modern take on the butcher blocks used over the past century in meat shops across the globe. They are made to endure years of use with a seal made from a blend of mineral oil and beeswax – a finish that helps keep the wood happy, is food safe and is easy to reapply

Serving Trays

Our Banquet Style Platters are designed for any event. From desserts and tapas, to appetizers and family platters, our serving trays are ideal for large groups.

Our Footprint

A considerable amount of our products utilize up-cycled furniture or lumber to help decrease our environmental impact. We make sure that our remaining scraps and dust are deposed of organically, in garden and yards.

Looking For Smoked Cocktail Products?

Cocktail Smoking Boards

Add intrigue to your next dinner party by smoking your own cocktails. Our hand crafted cocktail smoking boards make it easy and fun to add a rich, smoky flavour to your favourite cocktail with a dramatic presentation your guests won’t soon forget!

About Me

Ever since I can remember, our home, our grandparent’s home and our friends’ homes have been equipped with beautifully handcrafted wood products made by my grandfather. He shared his passion for woodworking with me at an early age; showing me the time, dedication and love you have to put into each product. He taught me the value of our wooden cutting boards, which helped to bring our family together during dinner time.  

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